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How I Make $80 per Day EASILY with Twitch


The most significant change in social media usage over the last couple of years has been an immense increase in the number of videos shared and consumed.
While the bulk of that has involved people sharing videos on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, there has also been a considerable upsurge in live streaming.
One niche that attracts relatively tech-savvy supporters is gaming. So it should be of little surprise that gamers have taken to live streaming more quickly than most other genres.
Twitch is the streaming platform of choice for gamers.It doesn’t take long for influencers to sprout up on a platform, these include many of the same gamers who release the top “gaming highlight” videos on YouTube.
Many of these gaming influencers earn their incomes from a mix of their Twitch Streaming, their YouTube videos, and in some cases, professional game playing.