Learn how I made steady income with Reddit for the past one and a half years with NO website and NO investments!



Have you ever wondered how could you turn Reddit traffic and profit from it every day, which doesn’t include writing unique articles and PPC advertising?

Learn how I made steady income with Reddit for the past one and a half years with NO website and NO investments!

For the past 1 and a half years there hasn’t been a day since without any sales with this method. NONE.

How much I’ve made? For this period the average earnings per month from this method alone are $2500-$3000 (proof inside guide).

In this guide I’ll tell you everything I know, and how to make your money back in the first days.

  • You don’t need to have a following.
  • You don’t need to invest any money.
  • I won’t up-sell you anything, and won’t make you buy any products, or make you use any software that I get commissions of.

I wrote this guide purely because thanks to the money Reddit has made me, I’ve invested in other businesses and I have no time to do this Full Time. It would be such a waste if this knowledge would stay unused.

I know this guide may seem pricey, but it is like that for a reason, to keep the competition low. I will even spoon-feed you with real examples of my past work and every niche that has worked for me. Besides, this is never-before seen knowledge. You’ll be one of the first person ever to know this method beside me.

Know-how = $$$.

This guide is available to download as a .pdf file.

After the purchase you will be invited to the Discord channel. It’s an active community of people who have bought the guide, and help each other with tips and tricks.

Since there is little to no competition, wouldn’t you agree that this is an amazing investment? Act now!

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Q: If I have any questions, can I get in touch with you?
A: I will provide lifetime Support for every buyer! I am already consulting everyone who bought my guide with my suggestions and insights. If anything is unclear in the guide, then I will explain everything.

Q: What’s the conversion ratio like for this method in monthly impressions?
A: On Amazon in 2020 it was 5.79%, and in 2021 it was 5.22%, based off 494 137 Amazon clicks on their analytics. The pictures are in the guide.

Q: Does this method has anything to do with contracting people on Twitter through DM?
A: No

Q: Is this an evergreen traffic method or it will get saturated soon?
A: It won’t get saturated. There are too many niches and options to promote.

Q: Could this traffic method be replicated to work across other social media networks or it is specific to Reddit and Twitter only?
A: The Traffic comes from Reddit. It can be implemented for other social media, but not all of them. It is based on what links are allowed to be posted on Reddit. There’s a story behind why Twitter is so good for this method.
In the bonus section I mention other ways besides Twitter, how to post links.

Q: If I buy your Guide you think it will work for me even English is not my main language?
A: Yes. Good language skills are NOT needed for this method.

Q: Is your income based on full or part time effort?
A: It is a part time effort. I have a real 9 to 5 job. Typically I spend about 2 hours a day for this method. Much less on weekends. Up to an hour on weekends.

Q: I know nothing about Reddit. Do you explain everything?
A: I made this guide thinking that most of the buyers know what Reddit is. But anyway I explain the basics, and most important, what you have to post and on which Subreddits (those are like small niche forums). I also explain the commenting side, account creation and some less known Tips or Secrets.
Anyway, Reddit is really basic. Just go to Reddit and check it out, even without creating an account. You’ll understand it quickly.

Q: How do u monetize?
A: Affiliate marketing.

Q: Do I have to create multi accounts? I know for a fact that if you post using multi Reddit account under 1 IP, Reddit will ban you.
A: Multi account creation is used. In the guide I have explained how to circumvent the IP question and how to create accounts.

Q: If we are using twitter do we need lot’s of followers because I don’t have any?
A: No, you don’t need followers. That’s the best part of this method.

Q: Can this method be used without ever using Twitter? Can this method be used to direct link to shortened Clickbank hop links?
A: This exact method can’t be used without Twitter. You can use your website (if you have one, and you don’t want to use Twitter) for posting links, but you can’t go directly posting links to any affiliate offer. It just doesn’t work like that. That’s why you have to have Twitter. You don’t need any followers. Just make a brand new account. It takes less than a minute.
You can post Clickbank links, but not directly. Also I wouldn’t suggest using Clickbank. You will make some money, but it won’t work long-term. If you want long-term then read my method.

Q: Will I need to communicate with prospects and customers, e.g. answer questions, respond to comments, etc.?
A: No

Q: Will I need to do keyword research?
A: No

Q: Will I need to use other social media, e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.?
A: No

Q: Do you provide support?
A: Yes, I mentor everyone who have bought the guide.