In this method, I will cover how I’ve been profiting with arbitrage betting and how you can do the same by following a few simple steps. I’m myself a beginner in this space, but I still found a profitable logical way to profit.


If you don’t know what arbitrage betting is, it’s betting on all outcomes of a sports event (usually Football aka Soccer) and taking advantage of price disparities.

I usually get a 0.5%-5% guaranteed return per match. Let me show you an example of an upcoming soccer match.

The Method

The image below is showing the optimal spread of stakes if you invest $100 in total for the match on the previous page:
As you can see you have a 3.71% guaranteed profit from just one match. This is more than traditional savings accounts pay you in a year!

How can I do the same?

To get started you will need to invest some money, I’d go with $100-$120 minimally. You can obviously invest more, but $100 is a good amount to get started with.

Then I visitthis websitethat finds arbitrage matchesfor you. I recommend you to sort there by “Latest” because odds for older matches are sometimes no longer valid.

You will see there a list of risk-free bets. Now I recommend you to register with as many bookmakers as possible, some might require the usage of a VPN to register. Always use there your real details, otherwise, you might not be able to withdraw.